Gives Artists Full Control Over the Sale of Their Music

With debate raging about the future of music as major sites exclude Indie artists and others offer minimal revenue and control, MySongCast beats a different tune. Free to join, MySongCast puts artists in full control of their music pricing, copyright and career. MySongCast launched its download service this week offering most artists a whopping 78% of song revenue. In the midst of the music turmoil, perhaps MySongCast is the real alternative artists have been looking for.

Sydney, Australia, October 10, 2008 --( Australian based music website launched in October 2007. The site has grown consistently, developing a very loyal community that now has a membership of 3000. One year on MySongCast has just launched its download model that gives the artists full control over the availability of their music. Artists can choose whether they want their songs to be streamed only, available for free download or sold. If artists want to make the songs available for sale they can set the price of their choice and they can edit the song availability and pricing at any time.

Uniquely, MySongCast allows artists to also sell their music video clips, which creates an exciting new way for artists to make revenue and for fans to get copies of video clips from their favourite artists. As MySongCast allows both audio and video formats for songs, the artist can then set different prices for different formats.

MySongCast is fastidious about protecting the artist’s ownership of their copyright, and provides a safe, secure, independent platform where artists can manage their music, making it available to their fans as they choose. As per the site’s terms of use, the artists can remove their music catalogue at any time.

It is free to join the site and it is free for artists to set up their songs for sale. There are no hidden fees and no monthly fees. Artists can upload an unlimited amount of music. MySongCast wants to give the artists the majority of all revenue up front, and most artists will get about 78% of the price of each song. There are no elusive after profit conditions, or small advertising revenue in return for fans having to watch an advert. MySongCast has kept its fees to a minimum, about 20% is needed to cover the transaction fees associated with the service, and the rest goes to its artists who will be paid quarterly once they have earned $20.

It is free for fans to join MySongCast. For fans that want to buy songs there are no subscription fees, monthly fees or ongoing debiting of your credit card. To purchase music, fans simply set up an account with as little as AUD $5, the account never expires so fans can use it whenever they want and no fees are deducted from the account. Fans can also create unlimited playlists of their favourite music and share these with friends.

MySongCast welcomes any feedback about the model from musicians and music lovers. For additional information on the MySongCast model for downloads please refer to the website or contact Janine Gregson, Director of MySongCast.

About MySongCast:
MySongCast is a social networking site for the Indie music community, connecting artists with fans, venues, music resources and music industry professionals. MySongCast is free to join. Artists can add unlimited uploads, create a fan base, enter the competitions and make their music available for download or sale. Fans can interact with the artists, create playlists and download or buy songs from their favourite artists. Mysongcast is building a music community online and offline that is genuinely committed to supporting artists and helping them to develop their careers.

Janine Gregson
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