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Estimates Are More Reliable with TechnoPark Corp., New Patent-Pending Invention

TechnoPark Corp. Registers a New Invention with USPTO.

Naples, FL, October 11, 2008 --( TechnoPark Corp. has registered an estimating method for software project completion with the United States Patent Trademark Office (USPTO). This invention greatly reduces the time it takes to provide an estimate to a client. The estimates are more accurate, which in turn helps clients plan for the on-deadline completion of a project.

Using uniquely developed formulas, TechnoPark uses a limited number of examples in a client's code to calculate the time it will take a programmer to build a project. By using the most complex examples of code, TechnoPark Corp.'s invention defines the amount of effort needed to complete a software product.

The technical explanation of the new invention deals with sets of requirements. Based on a limited set, up to seven, the requirements, existing on the same level of abstraction, are estimated with an existing estimation approach. The requirements, called scope champions, are chosen for their complexity and then calculated for the time it takes to complete them.

Until TechnoPark Corp. pioneered these formulas, programmers often had to expend a great deal of time to provide a reasonably accurate estimate. This was detrimental to client and vendor alike. Vendors don't want to waste hours estimating when they could be working billable hours. Clients are more satisfied when their projects are done on time and under budget. TechnoPark Corp.'s invention gives it an edge when estimates are made because customers know they can count on a well researched, proven estimating technique.

Arthur Petrenko, TechnoPark Corp.’s Marketing Director, says, “We have been working on new inventions like the estimation formula to benefit our clients. In the future, we are going to continue to develop and patent our ideas and methods. This is all part of our larger dedication to excellence and reliable business practices.”

USPTO issued an application number for TechnoPark, US12/193,010, and they are excited to announce the invention.

TechnoPark Corp. is a US-based outsourcing software development company with a development center in the Ukraine.

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