The Adventures of Little Caesar Little Caesar's Christmas Adventure

Newark, DE, October 11, 2008 --( The Adventure’s of Little Caesar.

Photographic illustrator Naomi R. Heckler and new author Hope M. Kyelberg, have captured the attention of young readers by using photographs for a more realistic and personal appeal.

Having previously published a photography book, “Come to My Window” and writing short stories as told by Little Caesar, the idea of illustrating, and publishing these in a book; “The Adventure’s of Little Caesar” seemed to be the logical next step.

Little Caesar is a beautiful Cat, that in real life is curious, caring, funny, and the most loving child you could ever come to know. The Adventure’s of Little Caesar depicts different life situations and shows how Caesar responds to these situations

The first in this adventure series is now available, “The Adventure’s of Little Caesar . . . Little Caesar’s Christmas Adventure”. With full color photographs, and the storyline being told by Caesar herself, this book is both eye catching and interest keeping for children of all ages.

“The Adventure’s of Little Caesar” books, photos, and memorabilia can be found at:;;

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Hope Kyelberg and Naomi Heckler work in the Automobile business in Delaware.

Their book can be found at .
Photography by Naomi
Hope Kyelberg