iUniverse Would Like to Announce the Release of Digital Destiny by Jeromie Carr and James Dunn

Bloomington, IN, October 12, 2008 --(PR.com)-- In a world just short of beyond our imagination, rife with ethical and political dilemmas that are sure to become our destiny, comes Digital Destiny, the new futuristic crime thriller by Jeromie Carr and James Dunn.

Halfway through the 21st century, it is the golden age of the digital lifestyle. All books, money, and communications are electronic, and are stored on a centralized network operated by Digital Data, Inc. (DDI). While most people are glad to embrace DDI’s technology, the news is full of reports of a fringe group of anti-technology terrorists called The Way exist covertly, making mischief the world over.

Detective Jack Tate, and his partner, Kimi Arimuro, are charged with investigating the murder of a legalized prostitute in Denver, Colorado. What at first appears to be a crime of passion begins to look more like premeditated murder as Jack and Kimi follow the clues left by an unknown enemy with an unknown motive. At a breakthrough moment in Jack’s investigation, an explosion on a train in Prague kills a key person of interest in the investigation, leaving behind only a rare substance called Spartanium.

Soon afterward, Jack finds himself severed from the very technology that makes him an accepted member of society and an effective police officer…digitally murdered, unable to interact with the electronic age. He is convinced that whoever killed the prostitute and detonated the Prague bomb is also behind his predicament. Homeless and broke, Jack eventually winds up in the care of The Way. They, too, have been wrongfully shut out of the system, unable to shake the public misconception that they are violent terrorists.

Reinvigorated, Jack resumes his investigation with the help of The Way and Kimi. Using the substance from Prague as a clue, Jack locates a scientist in New Mexico named Kathleen Bryant. Once Jack and Kathleen develop mutual trust, they reveal details of each others’ work that lead them to believe that somebody has stolen the plans to one of Kathleen’s inventions to use it for sinister purposes. After suffering helicopter attacks, surveillance and counter-surveillance, secret elevators, and shootouts, Jack and his team prevail.

Digital Destiny is a story for all kinds of readers. It contains simple explanations of believable technology that everybody can relate to, such as efficient commuter trains, safe nuclear waste disposal, and identity theft deterrents.

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About the Authors
Jeromie Carr is a Colorado native that doesn’t quite fit the nerd stereotype, enjoying a variety of activities from discussing philosophy to acting. He is a graduate of Colorado Christian University.

James Dunn is a Colorado native, an adventurer and certified scuba diver who has traveled extensively. He has worked as an electrical designer and is an inventor. He is a graduate of Bellevue University.

978-0-595-50857-0 • 5 x 8 • Trade Paperback • 290 pages • $17.95

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