Caligari Dali Releases a Free Song via Internet Archives

Columbia, TN, October 12, 2008 --( Spokesman, Vance Capley (writter artist for Graffiti Arcade) has just announced the release of a free, public domain song for fans of Caligari Dali.

"The band had a song that they felt horror/monster movie fans would really get a charge out of! Since it is Hallowe'en, they felt like this was a perfect time to release it.", says Mr. Capley.

The song is called Monstrosity and is available from Internet Archives. The song uses clips from the public domain horror classic Monstrosity a.k.a. The Atomic Brain along with the driving beats the band is known for.

The band recently released a three song self-titled cd via Mr. Capley continues, "It's a huge hit with college radio stations and is very popular overseas. With the popularity of this three song cd, when will a full length cd be ready? It's really up to the fans."

Not only is Vance Capley a member of the Caligari Dali, he's the writter artist for his Graffiti Arcade comic also available through You can see his art via

Vance Capley