New Movie Review Site Allows Users to Connect Over Movies

New social networking movie review site Popcorn Confessions helps users find movies to watch, make friends with similar interests, and write their own reviews.

Saint Louis, MO, October 20, 2008 --( Today Popcorn Confessions announced the official launch of their web site,, a new social networking and movie review web site. Now movie fans will have a new way to connect with each other, to share and discover new favorite movies.

The new web site allows movie buffs to write their own reviews of movies, and to vote on the reviews of other users based on how helpful or popular their review turned out to be.

Meanwhile, people searching for information about a current--or past--movie will be able to see friends' reviews, or reviews of other users who liked similar movies to their own taste. This allows the average theatre-goer to better judge whether they will be likely to enjoy a film, as compared to traditional newspaper critics who may not have similar taste in movies.

"The best movie recommendations are ones you get from your friends, because they like the same kind of movies you do," says owner and creator Michael Stubblefield. "This site will help you reach others with the same interests in movies. You can add new friends and send messages and recommendations to each other.

"The goal of Popcorn Confessions is to bring the democratizing power of social media to the realm of movie reviews and entertainment."

Popcorn Confessions plans to continue building out new features in the future, such as blog integration, or an automatic recommendation engine to suggest to users movies they are likely to enjoy.

The site promises to be popular especially with the younger crowd, which is already very interested in similar social-media forms of communication.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Stubblefield
Popcorn Confessions
Tel: 314-735-0874

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