DHTMLX Ajax Components Suite Updated – Version 2.0 Brings Simplicity to Web Interface Creation

DHTMLX released a major update for its comprehensive Suite of Ajax UI controls. New version 2.0 introduces a powerful and simple approach for building web interfaces realized with dhtmlxLayout. This JavaScript control provides an easy way to configure an interface structure and effortlessly integrate dhtmlx UI components into it, including some new components added to dhtmlxSuite with this release.

St Petersburg, Russia, October 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- DHTMLX is pleased to announce the update of its dhtmlxSuite, a complete suite of Ajax-enabled components for building rich web interfaces. Version 2.0 brings a new approach to building application interface simply by arranging its modules via newly introduced dhtmlxLayout control. It not only allows developers to effortlessly construct interface structure, but also provides the possibility to easily compose DHTMLX components into a single layout.

The current release also includes important bug fixes and performance improvements together with unified skins and better mutual integration of the components. DHTMLX v2.0 introduces some new components such as:


A simple and affordable way of arranging elements of interface structure visually on page is now available through a new DHTMLX component – dhtmlxLayout. It provides a good deal of ready-made Layout patterns that can be applied to sophisticated web applications. The possibility to integrate other UI components from DHTMLX line into dhtmlxLayout panels easily is one more significant feature of this innovation.

A new Accordion component is able to display several parts of content using multiple panes. The content displayed in each pane may vary from text and graphics to other dhtmlx components. All the dhtmlx components can be attached to the Accordion panel with a single script command.

dhtmlxEditor is an Ajax-enabled rich WYSIWYG editor. This lightweight, simple component contains all the necessary basic features and can be a good addition for web applications where a text editor is needed.

This JavaScript library is responsible for sending Ajax requests to the server and processing the response providing the developers with basic Ajax support for their applications.

Besides, Menu and Toolbar components have been drastically updated for the present release. Much more possibilities and styles as well as feature enhancements were introduced to strengthen the components.

DHTMLX 2.0 possesses more features and capabilities for complex application interfaces development. DHTMLX have worked out a number of new components, and enhanced already existing ones in order to provide its users with all up-to-date functionality needed for web interfaces creation with ease.

All DHTMLX components are available under both GNU GPL and commercial licenses. The price for the full dhtmlxSuite starts at $466. For more information and live demos of DHTMLX 2.0, please visit: www.dhtmlx.com.

DHTMLX Ltd. is a software development company that provides offshore outsourcing software development services in areas of J2EE, .NET, C++, PHP programming for companies worldwide. DHTMLX Toolkit of Ajax components is one of the most effective and high quality solutions in the field of Web UI development.

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