PrivacyView Software LLC Expands and Becomes Privacy Partners LLC

Award-winning privacy software developer PrivacyView has changed names to Privacy Partners. The change was made to reflect the company's growth and position as a leader in Internet privacy and online safety.

Lithia, FL, October 17, 2008 --( PrivacyView Software LLC announced today that it has changed its name to Privacy Partners LLC in recognition that their message as a company to protect consumers’ Internet privacy has grown.

Privacy Partners LLC is the new name for the company that was once PrivacyView Software LLC. It is fitting that the company should change its name since it has grown from a simple software company to a leader in consumer Internet privacy. The new name reflects their new, more comprehensive offerings.

The company started out as PrivacyView Software in the spring of 2003 in Tampa, Florida with president and founder Martin Greif at the helm. Now, as Privacy Partners, the company offers the best privacy solutions for the average consumer.

It is unsettling to think that Internet service providers, Internet search engines, and the very company you work for are always gathering information about what Internet sites you visit. With the products at Privacy Partners LLC, there is something you can do to protect your Internet privacy.

Along with their original product of PrivacyView software for home computers, Privacy Partners also has a tool for secure anonymous surfing called Private Proxy. This anonymous proxy product allows users to hide their IP address as they use the Internet. The servers are exceptionally confidential, using 10 rotating IP addresses and 128 bit encryption to keep the user's identity secure on any website.

"Consumers will find it easy to use the anonymous proxy software and server. The software installs effortlessly, and then you can surf knowing your identity will be secure." Martin Greif, President of Privacy Partners LLC comments on their anonymous proxy software.

Private Proxy features free updates and free support. The consumer never needs to hassle with advertisements from an anonymous proxy server; there are none. Furthermore, consumers will find the price of Private Proxy very reasonable at only $9.95 per month or $24.95 for three months.

The anonymous proxy server is also invaluable in allowing businesses to get ahead of their competitors. They can conduct research on other companies in their industry, get around posting limits, and generate traffic to their websites, all while remaining completely in the background.

Anonymous surfing is the wave of the future, and Privacy Partners LLC is at the forefront of the privacy revolution. With its new name, and products, it is showing its commitment to the confidentiality that consumers need at their computers.

About Privacy Partners, LLC:
Privacy Partners, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 2003, the company creates and markets privacy software for consumers. The company and its products have won numerous technology awards. For more information about the company, products or affiliate program, please visit

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