Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce – Online Small Business Association Re-launched Website

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce, the online small business association focused on promoting e-business tools among small business owners, has launched its re-designed website, www.hiscec.com, with a vibrant new look and significant layout updates.

San Diego, CA, October 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- In considering a new web design, HISCEC’s team wanted to improve its previous look without losing the brand awareness gained since its April 23, 2008.

Under the creative direction of German Bravo and Enrique Torres, HISCEC’s design team created an architecture and visual design that brings the site’s most valuable content to the surface, where users can find it; the look was considerably improved, making the site more attractive to users.

“The purpose behind this re-launch is to offer a more professional and clean look. We have focused on improving HISCEC’s online business directory as well as the “back office” of the e-commerce tool developed by the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce” said Jose Aburto, “We want to be able to bring the best service we can to our Members. We want to show our commitment to our Members by improving HISCEC’s website and services. We are going to keep working hard to help small business owners with their online marketing needs and e-business strategies. We want to become an online business association well known for promoting benefits to organizations, individual members, and the community”.

The re-launched of HISCEC’s website is just the prelude to the new services that are going to be added to the site within the following weeks.

About the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is an online small business association focused on promoting e-business tools for the success of small businesses. Get your company listed in the business directory of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. An online business directory featuring free business listings (with logo of your business, pictures of your business, information about your business, link to your website, an online catalog and customer feedback).

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