Post-Surgery Nausea Relief Right Under Our Noses Doctor Puts Patients to Sleep with Special Scents

The wellness revolution is rich in products and techniques to live well and live long. This author, James Geiger MD is a medical expert on all things wellness, especially aromatherapy with therapeutic grade essential oils. The essential oil of ginger is a safe, easy and effective remedy for the problem of post-operative nausea.The doctor uses aromatherapy in the operating room and anesthesia recovery room, for example to prevent nausea after surgery.

Post-Surgery Nausea Relief Right Under Our Noses Doctor Puts Patients to Sleep with Special Scents
Scottsdale, AZ, October 16, 2008 --( The mere idea of surgery is enough to make many people feel sick with worry; but post-surgery nausea from anesthesia usually makes it a worse ordeal.

The good news is that - whether it’s a cure or good preventative medicine - the solution could well be right under our noses.

Author of The Sweet Smell of Success, anesthesiologist Dr. James “Tad” Geiger, gives his patients a special blend of medicine and aromatherapy before surgery, to help prevent post-operative nausea and vomiting.

“Applying the diluted essential oil of ginger to the wrists and facemask has certainly helped reduce the sickly effects of anesthesia and anxiety, in many patients,” says Geiger.

In an article he published on the subject in the International Journal of Aromatherapy 2005, Geiger described six months of his clinical treatment series with adults. After being treated with the essential oil of ginger, about 80 per cent of high-risk patients had no complaint of post-surgery nausea in the recovery room.

“Oil made from ginger root is strong, natural medicine for the nausea pathways in the body,” he says.

In The Sweet Smell of Success, Geiger discusses the benefits of other oils such as the Well-Balanced Lady, named for its ability to help promote feminine wellness and help ease the symptoms of PMS and menopause. For dieters, there is the Appetite Tamer, which tells the brain to simply say, ‘I’m full.’ Other scents include the Sports Performance Enhancer, the Thigh Smoother, and Romantic Encounters.

Geiger’s oils can be applied directly to the skin as well as inhaled through the nostrils.

Dr. Geiger obtained his BA/MS from the University of San Francisco and did his anesthesia residency at USC. He performed cardiac anesthesia there with his father - a cardiothoracic surgeon - for 16 years. In 1981, he was chosen as the Victor Bonfillo MD intern of the year in 1981.

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