New 20mm, 25mm Special Edition Electricians Bush Spanner

Easy Life Tools would like to introduce a new product to add to its already extensive range of electrician and plumbing tools.

Bradford, United Kingdom, October 18, 2008 --( The Bush Spanner has been designed with adjustable heads to give an easy grip to bushes in a confined space. The heads on this tool give a firm grip to the conduit bushes, this tool allows bushes to be tightened or undone with the cables already coming through the bush.

This special edition easy life Bush Spanner, as can be seen in the photo not only tightens 20mm, 25mm bushes but 32mm, 40mm, 50mm etc. Their previous designs of this Bush Spanner didn’t have this option. This is a simple design change, yet the price has not changed.

The overall lengths of this tools is 190mm or 7 ½ Inches, the weight is 207 Grams.

This tools is not a cheap casting, it was machined, hardened and then plated in Sheffield.

The Bush Spanner is available from for £9.50 + P&P

Easy Life Tools
Ben Kelly
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