The Weight Loss Coaches Welcome Guest Jennette Fulda, Author of Half Assed on October 30th

Denver, CO, October 18, 2008 --( The Weight Loss Coaches, a live radio weight loss support group are pleased to announce that author of Half Assed, Jennette Fulda, will join them Live on air Thursday, October 30th at 7:30p (Pacific) to discuss her weight loss journey, staying out of the way of holiday candy and other insanities.

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Author Bio
Jennette Fulda was born weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces, but eventually tipped the scales at 372 pounds before losing over half her body weight through diet and exercise. She is running the Indianapolis 500 Mini-Marathon on Saturday, May 3rd, 2008. She chronicles her weight loss journey in the popular blog, Half of Me (, which has been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal and Glamour. She also contributes articles to Capessa at Yahoo! Health and the Condé Nast health and fitness blog Elastic Waist. When she is not working her butt off, she works in Indianapolis as a web developer.

About Jennette
Think the last 20 pounds are the hardest? Try the last 200.

At age 24 and 372 pounds, Jennette Fulda thought maybe the best way to lose weight was to have her gallbladder removed. Then she decided to work it off—literally. In her journey, she stops only to knock her cat off the treadmill. Follow Jennette as she loses over half her weight without losing her sense of humor in this light-hearted and inspirational tale. You’ll only put it down because you’ll want to get up and exercise.

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