Online Shopping Can Fund Child's College Education

Can recommending where your neighbor shops increase your child's education fund? It's not by saving boxtops or coupons but it's just ordinary "word of mouth" that can add dollars to your kids' savings account.

Atlanta, GA, October 17, 2008 --( announces a unique college fund option for new parents. With the birth of a new baby, one of the topics that weighs on new parents minds is financing the newborn's education. With most parents today, saving for a child's higher education begins early. One way to expand the financial options available has been offered by an online gift store that specializes in gifts for newborns and families. Parent company,, says that their online retail store at has a program that pays for referrals that result in sales for their stores. Parents may sign up for a referral program (known as an "affiliate") and, using a code unique to them, they receive a commission from each purchase they or their friends and family make using their affiliate coded link. By posting their link in email or a blog or personal website, the referrals can add up, and the commissions can be deposited by the parents to their child's college fund.

Prices for products at Baby Bouquets and Baskets are the same whether purchased with or without the link but a commission is paid when a purchase is made with the affiliate link.

Stork and Veil reports that sales online are up over retail store sales for a variety of economic factors. More consumers shop online today than ever before and the numbers are rising. With internet sales increasing and affiliate programs becoming a popular extra income stream, earning by referral will become more common as a passive way to monetize recommendations and funding a college education a little easier.

Stork and Veil
Jay Russo