black & light ® Teams Up with UC Davis to Help 'Save the Honeybees'

black & light ® candle company has teamed up with the University of California Davis to aid in their honeybee research. 10% of all proceeds from their 'Bees' candle goes directly to the Harry H. Laidlaw Bee Research Facility to aid researchers in their fight to solve the honeybee crisis.

Traverse City, MI, October 17, 2008 --( Since first noticed in 2006, honeybee populations have been in an immense decline across the United States but especially in California, which happens to have the largest and most progressive bee breeding operation in the US. The massive decline in honeybee populations has caused a dramatic decline in agricultural practices in all areas with affected hives, and is likely to spread throughout the US in the next several years. The cause of this decline is poorly understood, and it is up to institutions such as UC Davis to help find the cause.

black & light ® introduced their 'Bees' candle in the spring of 2008 to rave reviews and it quickly became one of their best sellers. After reading about the honeybee crisis soon thereafter, Holly Eve - the founder of black & light ® - decided there was something her company could do to help. She and her team began exploring the possibility of forming a partnership with the university in an effort to aid in this crisis.

Several months later at the end of August, after forming a relationship with Jan Kingsbury and Sue Cobey of UC Davis, black & light ® began donating 10% of the proceeds from their 'Bees' candle directly to the Harry H. Laidlaw Honeybee Research Facility. On Wednesday Oct. 1st, four members of the black & light ® team presented their first check to Cobey on a visit to California for the Online Market World Conference. This was the first time members of each party were able to put a name to a face, and was the beginning of what is sure to be a 'buzzing' relationship for years to come.

The 'Bees' candle comes in a variety of colors and is available directly on black & light's ® website.

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Logan Suttmann