Black & Light® to Consolidate Fulfillment at Grand Traverse Industries

After using Grand Traverse Industries largely for storage space and larger orders, black & light® has finally completed the back end of their platform to allow G.T.I to fulfill all orders on site. - July 15, 2009

black & light® co Announces Supply Arrangement with Bullfrog Light Company®

After several years of selling their famous glowing candles, black & light® co has finalized a supply arrangement with Bullfrog Light Company®, solidifying an already outstanding relationship. - July 12, 2009

Black and Light Co. Turns on a New Light with Rainbows

In the summer of 2008, Black & Light Co. teamed up with Rainbows, an organization which helps guide and aid children through life’s trials and tribulations. They are donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their candles directly to Rainbows when a special code is input. - November 09, 2008

Black & Light Co. Set to Take Off with Airline Ambassadors International

Airline Ambassadors Intl. and black & light co. have partnered up after the highly successful 2008 Global Compassion ball in NYC. After using the appropriated Airline Ambassadors code on the black & light co. website, AAI101, 10% of the proceeds from each candle sold will go directly to benefit the Airline Ambassadors organization. - October 30, 2008

black & light ® Teams Up with UC Davis to Help 'Save the Honeybees'

black & light ® candle company has teamed up with the University of California Davis to aid in their honeybee research. 10% of all proceeds from their 'Bees' candle goes directly to the Harry H. Laidlaw Bee Research Facility to aid researchers in their fight to solve the honeybee crisis. - October 17, 2008

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