Discover the Phenomenom of the World’s First AudioMovie™ the Audio Book Has Evolved

New media format for audiobooks. First of its kind in the world. AJ Scudiere's Resonance, a suspense/thriller novel, becomes the world's first AudioMovie.

Grapevine, TX, October 20, 2008 --( Griffyn Ink Publishing, an independent publishing house, is creating a buzz in the publishing industry with The World’s First AudioMovie™ - Resonance. The AudioMovie™ is the next leap in electronic media. Not your typical audiobook, the AudioMovieTM eliminates the single narrator trying to do voices and accents. Griffyn Ink Publishing and author, AJ Scudiere, refused to have grown men doing falsetto impressions for the women’s parts. Resonance, The AudioMovie™, has unique actors for each character in the book to create realistic and powerful dialogue. Why listen to a single reader when you can hear a full cast performing the book?

Griffyn Ink Publishing and Skyboat Road Company are proud to present AJ Scudiere’s Resonance in the amazing new AudioMovieTM format. Based largely in scientific fact, this thriller/suspense novel examines one possible outcome of today’s scientific evidence - a complete polar reversal. Many theories link the dinosaur die-out to the earth’s magnetics, several noting the eerie coincidence between the geological evidence of the shift and the last great mass extinction. Currently, any internet search will bring up stories of odd animal behavior and species deaths. In Resonance, frogs are mutating, birds are migrating out of season, bees are swarming in columns, and four scientists must work together to save humanity from the coming shift.

The AudioMovieTM is an unabridged audio recording of the novel, enhanced by soundtrack, sound effects, and unique actors for each part. This recreates the experience of a theater while remaining true to the book by leaving the visuals up to the listener’s imagination.

“The AudioMovie does for audio books what HD has done for the television,” says Jesus Balderas, Spokesperson for Griffyn Ink Publishing. “It makes the story truly come to life by allowing listeners to experience the emotions with the characters rather than simply being read to by a narrator. It puts you inside the story.”

Resonance the AudioMovieTM was released on October 1st by Griffyn Ink Publishing. It is now available in CD and MP3 formats at

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