Macraigor Teams with Viosoft to Deliver Linux Development Toolkit for ARM

Engineers can now debug from board bring-up through full Linux application debug with one toolset.

Brookline, MA, October 21, 2008 --( Macraigor Systems LLC, a premier supplier of low-cost, high-quality embedded debugging tools, and Viosoft Corporation, a pioneer of fully integrated embedded Linux software solutions, have jointly announced the availability of an integrated development toolkit for the embedded Linux environment on ARM processors. The toolkit consists of Macraigor hardware debug probes and a full-featured version of Viosoft’s Arriba Embedded Linux Edition, to enable end-to-end cross-platform development and debug of Linux applications on ARM.

“Through our partnership with Viosoft our customers can now use our hardware interfaces and the Arriba Embedded Linux Edition to debug both Linux kernel and application code,” stated James MacGregor, managing partner at Macraigor Systems LLC.

Macraigor’s JTAG probes deliver powerful solutions on a wide range of ARM processors and platforms to enable customers through the early phases of board and Linux operating system bring-up,” said Art Lee, VP of Business Development for Viosoft. “Couple that with the capabilities of the Viosoft Arriba product to address the challenging debug issues with Embedded Linux, you have a comprehensive environment for developing ARM Linux applications from start to finish,” he added.

Hosted under both Linux and Windows platforms, the Macraigor/Viosoft Linux Development Toolkit for ARM is Eclipsed-based, and includes a full GNU cross-compiler tool-chain for ARM, the Macraigor JTAG probe, the Viosoft VMON2 target-resident debug monitor, and optionally a full embedded Linux kernel and file-system for the supported platforms.

Differentiating features include:

Compatibility with Eclipse-based IDEs from leading embedded vendors
End-to-end debug coverage from board bring-up to Linux drivers and applications
Patch-less, on-demand debugging with optional high-speed connectivity over Ethernet
Non-preemptive debugging of kernel drivers
Multi-thread/process debugging
Non-intrusive, low overhead debug footprint.

The Macraigor/Viosoft Linux Development Toolkit for ARM is deployable either as a standalone Eclipse IDE or as a plug-in to Eclipse-based IDEs from third-party vendors such as the BenchX IDE from Express Logic, Inc. This enables customers to utilize value-added features of such IDEs, while at the same time take advantage of the Linux Development Toolkit debug capabilities. “We’re extremely pleased with the assistance from Express Logic in integrating the Toolkit into their BenchX IDE,” added Lee. “Many of our customers who prefer the robustness and ease-of-use of BenchX over standard Eclipse will appreciate and benefit from this flexibility,” he concluded.

Pricing & Availability
The Macraigor/Viosoft Linux Development Toolkit for ARM is immediately available from Macraigor starting at $5,995 USD.

About Viosoft
Viosoft is a pioneer provider of fully integrated embedded Linux software solutions. Founded in 1997, Viosoft is based in Campbell, CA, and has its US sales organizations located in Boston, MA and Austin, TX.

About Macraigor Systems
Macraigor Systems, LLC is a leading supplier of JTAG connection devices for on-chip debugging. Their reputation in the embedded industry has been built on the OCDemon product technology which provides a low-cost, full-featured connection from a PC to the on-chip debug facilities of 32- and 64-bit processors, providing host support for Windows and Linux and systems. Macraigor Systems also provides Flash Programming software that allows in-circuit programming of target Flash EEPROM memory devices via a JTAG connection. The Flash Programmer works with a wide variety of the most popular Flash devices currently on the market. For more information about Macraigor Systems’ products, please visit

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