Release Snafu - Ty Showers' 4th Album Sphere Released Early

Sphere, Ty Showers' fourth album release in 4 months, was originally supposed to be released November 1. The actual release date is October 1. Ty has actually released 4 albums in 3 months. Electronic and Jazz Music lovers embrace Sphere on and

Miami, FL, October 22, 2008 --( Ty Showers' fourth official album release "Sphere" was originally supposed to be released November 1. However a scheduling snafu has caused two of Ty's albums to be released on the same day October 1.

"Sphere" continues Ty's string of electronic jazz tracks, but the album definitely feels as if Ty wants to spread to other genres. This album contains a very nice R&B music scene called "Hi, My Name Is Ty", along with downtempo tracks "Thinking" and "Now You" as well as the ambient song "Easy".

The album begs the question as to what does Ty have planned for his fifth release as he seems to be easing into other forms of music and sounds.

For an artist just coming out, and to garner limited but significant attention on, and myspace speaks to the yearning of jazz music fans for something different and unique.

"For something that has started out as a hobby is becoming quite serious" says Ty, who is currently working on his fifth release "Showers of Love" (scheduled for December 1, 2008). The album will contain 17 tracks of Classical, traditional Jazz, Fusion, Funk, R&B (with vocals), Ambient and Downtempo music.

Sphere is available on iTunes,, eMusic, and Rhapsody.

Ty Showers