New Confidence To Love Your Life Audio CD Offers Keys to Phenomenal Self-Confidence

An inspirational tale that reveals profound truths about confidence –awaken a renewed passion and brilliant determination to move forward into the life of your dreams. Celebrated author and Intuitive Growth Expert shares her secrets.

Dallas, TX, October 22, 2008 --( Annette Colby, PhD, Intuitive Growth Expert debuts her new audio book, “Confidence To Love Your Life.”

“An amazing story that will guide you to a dramatic personal transformation…”

For anyone with a dream to achieve, a challenge to overcome, or an obstacle to surpass… The new audio book, “Confidence To Love Your Life,” is geared help those struggling with issues of self-doubt and low confidence. “It is written to provide both an understanding of how to gain genuine core confidence and also offers remedies to build solid self-reliance – both commodities often non-existent during times of tumultuous change.

In “Confidence To Love Your Life,” Colby begins with an inspirational tale that entertains and reveals to the listener how to leave their comfort zone, shatter self-doubt, and give birth to a more confident self.

In this enlightening story, three friends risk leaving the comfort of their homeland to reach a goal, win the gold, and live the promised happy life. All believe that reaching their goal will make them successful and self-assured. They begin their journey with visions of greatness, expecting a quick and easy outcome…

… until an unforeseen challenge appears. Each must face paralyzing fear, emotional turmoil, worry and lame excuses, and feeling victimized by life before gaining the ability to rise up and step into each moment with confidence.

Their journey to reach a goal is a metaphor for what we want to achieve in life – whether it is money, health, weight loss, overcoming addiction, moving beyond depression, or attaining spiritual peace of mind. The “gold” is where we routinely look for the happiness we want – the end of the goal.

Eventually, one of the characters, Aryan, discovers how to deal with the challenges successfully and experiences a dramatic personal transformation. He discovers exactly how to overcome the roots of fear, self-criticism, and his lack of confidence.

As the listener travels along with the other two characters, he or she will immediately recognize that how they typically handle fear, stress, and setbacks actually keeps them trapped in a destructive cycle of doubt and undesirable habits.

As a special bonus, Colby offers an empowering 9-step confidence building session that will help the reader stay self-assured and confident to reach their highest goals. In this bonus section entitled, “Casting Off Self-Doubt and Developing Total Self-Confidence,” Colby provides an insightful process designed to reveal exactly how to develop inner core confidence, easily move beyond obstacles, and gain irresistible, effective self-leadership to reach success.

“After years of watching people struggle with doubt, insecurity, and feeling worthless, it was my mission to write an audio book that got to the heart of what people can do, in practical terms, to believe in themselves and make proactive decisions,” Colby says. Throughout the self-help audio program, Colby provides plenty of encouragement, gently taking the listener by the hand and guiding them into deeper levels of unfaltering self-trust.

Dr. Annette Colby has more than 20 years as an Intuitive Growth Expert. Her visionary books, seminars, and private practice have helped thousands of people develop rock-solid self-confidence to create a life with passion and purpose.

She is the acclaimed author of the award winning book, “Your Highest Potential: The New Psychology of Understanding and Working with Self” and “Body Redesign: Goal Setting Secrets to a Thinner, Happier You.

Dr. Annette Colby, RD