New Water Conservation Device Prevents Emerging Crime

Water Theft on the Rise

Reno, NV, October 23, 2008 --( Water theft used to be a rare crime that occurred only in rural areas. Few often noticed or cared about it. But as drought conditions have plagued dozens of states, from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast, water theft has become considerably more common. As a result, ConservCo Water Conservation Products, LLC recently introduced a Hose Bibb Lock designed to protect any standard ¾” outdoor faucet or hose spigot.

“Early last year we began to get calls from City Managers, apartment building owners, and consumers asking if we had a solution to prevent people from stealing their water,” said Lauren Sellyei, President of ConservCo. “It has apparently become a very serious problem wherever water restrictions are in place,” added Sellyei. The ConservCo Hose Bibb Lock is designed to prevent water theft.

ConservCo’s Hose Bib Lock is made up of a brass fitting assembly that screws securely onto the end of any standard garden hose bibb, yard hydrant, or vacuum breaker. A plated brass cover is placed over the fitting, and locked with any commercial padlock. The cover and padlock spin freely around the fitting, making the lock impossible to remove.

The Hose Bibb Lock also prevents water from flowing even if the handle is turned to the full open position. This is because it creates a watertight seal when secured in place. “We learned from customers that vandals sometimes turn water on at schools or Public Park and allow it to run for days on end. We also heard stories about kids putting garden hoses through mail slots and turning on the water. In either case, the ConservCo Hose Bibb Lock can prevent thousands of dollars of damage,” said Sellyei.

The ConservCo Hose Bibb Lock is available at Ace Hardware and other plumbing, irrigation, and hardware retailers.

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