The Senior Courier Endorses Senator John McCain for President

The Senior Courier, a new online newspaper for senior Americans, has endorsed Senator John McCain for the Office of President of the United States.

Fort Worth, TX, October 24, 2008 --( On its Editorial Page, a new online newspaper, The Senior Courier,, has endorsed John McCain for President. Citing reasons the Courier believes are pertinent to the interests of its senior readers (ages 50 and up), the newspaper strongly advocates McCain as a tough leader for tough times.

The Senior Courier specifically lists such McCain attributes as:

Leadership: Senator McCain is unapologetically American. His Presidency will put American values--not "World" values--first.

Integrity: Senator McCain believes that birth begins at conception and that mothers have options outside abortion for unwanted pregnancies. He speaks his mind, even when his opinion is not shared.

Experience: Senator McCain has a long history in the Senate and a strong military background. His family consistently has served the United States. He represents this country as a strong, no-nonsense leader and defender.

Policy: Senator McCain will not offer a soft underbelly to terrorists and terrorist representatives. He will support Israel against anti-Semitic and anti-Israel enemies. He will not raise taxes, abandon Veterans, or attempt a socialism theme of "spreading the wealth."

The Senior Courier is edited by Howard Clarke, a retired USAF Major and veteran of the Gulf War and Vietnam eras.

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