Fran Lenzo Records Daily Battles with Breast Cancer in Self Published Book

Halo My Dear Angel: A Journey of Miracles by Fran Lenzo seeks to enlighten readers on the daily struggles of surviving breast cancer in this Xlibris published book.

Philadelphia, PA, October 23, 2008 --( Fran Lenzo had only known the life she led before she met Angel John in 1994. After her holy encounters with him, she was taught to live each day embracing her mastectomy and breast cancer with the strength and courage she did not know she possessed. Her unyielding character was featured on their local newspaper and drew attention to several others in small town Long Island.

Reading Halo My Dear Angel is like reading someone else’s hatless and wigless state in journal entries. Some chapters of this Xlibris book are also composed of short stories, essays, or accounts of angel messages that others have also shared to this author who highlighted such experiences with the same character and vein that the people of Long Island has known of her.

This self-published book will make readers appreciate the significance of making October the Breast Cancer Awareness month to help people take charge of their own health. Halo My Dear Angel: a Journey of Miracles will guide readers to that first step.

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