Apple Vision Press Announces the Release of the New Vision Goggles Series, "Who Am I?" Published by Tate Publishing Company

Educating children and parents on realizing their child's potential and purpose was the motive behind author Yvonne Mansini's new book "Who Am I," which is the first book in the Vision Goggle Series.

West Point, VA, October 23, 2008 --( When Yvonne Mansini's 15-year old grandchild told her he didn't know what he wanted to do for a living she was shocked. Her response was to write a book.

Mansini wrote her first book, "Who Am I?" to educate children and adults on realizing their God given purpose early on in life.

"It's not just for Christian children, it's for every child and parent, who want to help steer their children to their purpose," she said.

The Story
"Who Am I?" is the first in Mansini's "Vision Goggle Series." It follows the story of Joseph, a young boy who spends his time day-dreaming and imagining himself in World War II and as a spy, when he's in class and at home.

"Joseph had found himself daydreaming again, his imagination had taken him to the battlefields of World War II... carrying a very important message from headquarters to one of the field commanders."

"Every person has a purpose for being here on this earth," said Miss Connors. After succumbing to another adventure with his vision goggles, Joseph's parents help him find his strengths and weaknesses, in order to choose a job to explore at career day. Although Joseph picks a career, his daydreams never cease.

The Author
"I hope that this book encourages parents to read with their kids and to help them develop their purpose," said Mansini. "You're never too old (or too young) to fulfill your dreams."

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Announcing the release of "Who Am I?" in the Vision Goggles Series book by Yvonne Mansini