Beverly Hills to Paris, Chihuahuas to Poodles, Fashion Has Gone to the Dogs, and Back to Us, with Pupscale™ Couture

The first fashion line catering to luxury matching pieces for people and pets debuts with crystal encrusted, lavishly beaded, and extravagantly sequined dog and people sweaters and scarves.

Los Angeles, CA, October 24, 2008 --( An affluent socialite struts down the avenue. She is beautifully accessorized with sparkling diamonds, perfectly tailored garments, a luxurious handbag, and an expertly knitted, unique scarf over her coat. Manicured nails guide a delicate leash that leads down to a small Poodle wearing a meticulously tailored sweater fashioned to match her scarf perfectly. How did she ever find something to coordinate Fifi to her ensemble so flawlessly? Coincidence? Must be, pet clothing is too low-end, . . . isn’t it? Not anymore. Canine wardrobes go Pupscale™, as Gothic Dog announces the introduction of a new clothing line for pets, and fashionistas too.

Gothic Dog, the company which brought the pet world “A Girl’s Best Friend for Man’s Best Friend™”, a luxury collection of authentic diamond pet tags, Collaces™, and jewelry, has announced a new line of designer dog clothing, with a few items for their human companions. While dressing your pup was once a novelty marked by kitschy and often low quality garments, intended to be nothing more than cute and entertaining, pet couture has, with the introduction of Gothic Dog’s Pupscale™ Couture line, entered the world of high fashion.

The Pupscale™ Couture line focuses on luxury, high-quality sweaters for dogs with matching pieces for their two-legged attendants. Gothic Dog’s CEO, Jennifer Barber, ensures that the Pupscale™ Couture line is unique in design, artisan-crafted of the finest yarns and adornments, and all made here in the USA. The garments are not mass-produced, and feature combinations of materials and yarns, intended to create a spectacular look and highly customized fit. What is truly original, Ms. Barber added, is the ability of pet owners and their pets to wear matching, exquisitely crafted garments. “I couldn’t find anything for me and my dog to wear together that were truly nice and stylish pieces. Gimmicky t-shirts and tanks are fun sometimes; but the market was lacking sophisticated and upscale partner looks.” The pieces go through two separate quality control inspections, come in a variety of sizes, and for the doggie closets, are accompanied by an exclusive, Gothic Dog wooden bone hanger with chrome finishings for proper wardrobe care.

The dedication with which Gothic Dog approached crafting a luxury pet clothing line did not eliminate room for a certain playfulness. The Pupscale™ Couture line is marked by clever names, e.g. “The Heartbreaker” and “The Leglifter,” for example, and witty descriptions, “The Heartbreaker is for pups who love 'em and leave 'em. Dreamy eyes, soft fur, wet noses, and perpetual puppy breath are all hallmarks of heartbreakers. Candlelight and Merlot optional.”

In addition, in their ongoing desire to spread the love of dogs and the power of dog-love, Gothic Dog’s Couture line includes their Paws4Awareness™ dog sweater and matching scarves for people, each featuring a Swarovski® jeweled, colored Awareness Ribbon intended to heighten awareness to several causes, including kidney disease, breast cancer, and animal abuse. Dog lovers know nothing is more healing for the soul than a lick from a puppy. The Paws4Awareness™ line celebrates the unfailing emotional comfort man's best friend provides. With proceeds benefiting charity, the Green Ribbon Awareness dog sweater and matching pet-parent scarf was recently featured at The National Kidney Foundation’s Gift of Life Gala hosted by George Lopez honoring Samuel L. Jackson.

All of the fashions can be viewed at, the diamond and sapphire charm collection at and the awareness ribbon sets at

For more information, call Gothic Dog at 1-310-866-3920 (USA) or +33-1-70-72-59-47 (France), or visit Gothic Dog's website at

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