New Book Reveals Santa's 'Secrets'

A new, hilarious children's book explains how Santa pulls off his seemingly impossible job every year. The book was written and illustrated by Andrew Badalamenti... a parent who always could come up with compelling and imaginative answers to his kid's Christmastime curiosity.

Denville, NJ, November 01, 2008 --( For writer and parent Andrew Badalamenti, a long-held Christmas wish has finally come true: This season, he will be publishing his first children’s book, “Around the World in One Night… Santa’s Secrets Unwrapped!”

The book—a soft cover, 28-page full color work—was written, designed and illustrated by Badalamenti and took nearly a year, working evenings and weekends, to complete.

An advertising copywriter by day, Badalamenti was used to seeing his work in print, broadcast and online. But this book was a labor of love, inspired by his children and far from the realm of his usual type of writing.

“The book shares Santa’s 10 secrets for making the holiday happen every year,” said the 43-year-old writer. “It explains, in simple terms, how he gets around the whole world in one night, why he chooses to live at the North Pole, and even the role of those ‘Santas’ your kids see at the mall!”

In essence, the book answers most every kid’s questions about the Jolly Old Elf with a compelling mix of logic and humor.

The idea grew from many Christmastime conversations the author had with his two sons, when they were small. Badalamenti found that once his kids turned six or seven, they started asking serious questions about Santa and his seemingly impossible job.

“My older son once asked me, ‘If the elves make the toys, why do we have toy stores?’”

Fortunately, their father always had an interesting and convincing answer.

“My kids are a lot smarter than I was as a kid, but I could always satisfy their curiosity,” Badalamenti recalled with a smile.

The writer started telling his friends and family about “Santa’s secrets.” Everyone loved them and started using them with their own children. A friend encouraged Badalamenti to write his answers down, and before he knew it, he had written a book.

Also a trained illustrator, Badalamenti drew all the pictures for the book himself, inspired by Victorian-era artist Thomas Nast—the Morristown, NJ, resident who invented the image of Santa for the newspapers in the late 1800s. Badalamenti created the images in traditional pen and ink, then scanned and colored them using a computer. The result is a look that has a traditional feel but with a modern flare.

The author has already received great response to the book from kids and parents alike, who find it both entertaining and informative.

For Andrew Badalamenti, it was just a way to share the magic of Christmas.

“Around the World in One Night… Santa’s Secrets Unwrapped!” is available online through the publisher, now until the end of the year, at

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