Brazilian Band, Vougan Launch Online CD Sales via Promotion Company

Brazilian Power Metal band, Vougan, team up with to launch online CD sales of their debut, "Mind Exceeding."

Houston, TX, October 25, 2008 --( Vougan, the progressive, power metal band from Brazil, have struck a deal to sell copies of their debut CD, "Mind Exceeding" via online sales through

"Mind Exceeding" was initially released in the latter half of 2007 to a strong response in their home country of Brazil. Setting themselves apart by utilizing the freedom of writing spontaneously, without worry of trends, Vougan continue to gain interest across the globe. The band have recently signed a contract with the Japanese label, Soundholic, to distribute the CD throughout Japan.

Metal Music Promotions, LLC (MMP), an independent artist development, music marketing, and band promotion company, have long been advocates of the talents of Vougan. Billed as part of the new model music industry, the company strives to assist unsigned and/or indie artists in career development. Taking the young Brazilian band under their wing, MMP have assumed the role of media contact, and U.S.A. representation for Vougan. CD sales were the next step, logically. has been set up specifically for the purpose of selling the Vougan - "Mind Exceeding" CD. The web page reads much like a distributor's one sheet, and is designed to give the potential buyer just enough information to want to purchase the album. A "Mind Exceeding" Sales Widget has also been launched in order to promote sales of the CD via social media outlets.

While the web page does make Vougan's debut CD available to many who may have never gotten the chance to purchase it, this is ny no means full scale distribution. MMP is currently researching other options, and looks to distribute "Mind Exceeding" throughout The United States, Canada, and Europe in the near future.

Metal Music Promotions, LLC
Don Harrison