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AEX Sets the Record Straight About Availability of Commercial Financing

AEX Commercial Financing Group has published a series of reports to help correct recent misinformation about the availability of small business loans, commercial real estate loans and business cash advances.

Leesburg, OH, October 27, 2008 --( A recent series of reports published by AEX Commercial Financing Group has a common theme of setting the record straight about availability of business financing and commercial real estate financing throughout the United States. The recent chaos in financial and credit markets has included misleading information about the general availability of business loans. AEX emphasizes that in the current commercial finance crisis, small business owners are likely to need expert advice about working capital financing and commercial loans.

As noted by AEX Commercial Financing Group, one harsh reality regarding recent financial events is that many regional and local banks (and also some banks operating throughout the United States) have discontinued all or most of their commercial lending activities. Although current business finance conditions will prove to be difficult for most businesses, AEX emphasizes that there continue to be to reliable funding sources for commercial real estate loans, business cash advances and working capital financing.

According to Stephen Bush, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for AEX Commercial Financing Group, "AEX is concerned that business owners might not know where they can obtain expert advice and help about commercial mortgage loans and working capital loans. AEX will always help in any way that we can, and our practical problem-solving expertise should be considered by any commercial borrowers in need of refinancing their business debt or obtaining new working capital funding. Because the recent chaos in financial markets has included misleading and distorted comments about the availability of commercial loans for both refinancing and new financing, now is unmistakably a critical time for most businesses to have a candid discussion with a small business financing expert such as AEX Commercial Financing Group."

For other recent comments by AEX Commercial Financing Group, please refer to the Working Capital Journal:

While it is true that many business lenders have effectively stopped their commercial finance activities, AEX continues to be a steady financing source for commercial real estate loans and working capital financing. AEX is based in Ohio and provides specialized help for small business loans and business cash advances throughout the United States. More detailed information is available at AEX websites regarding their services. Please contact Steve Bush at AEX Commercial Financing Group to obtain personalized and candid business finance advice.

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