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San Diego Jewelry Buyers Publishes History of Pawn Shops

San Diego Jewelry Buyers has published online a brief history of pawn shops which highlights some of the interesting roles pawnbrokers have played in history.

San Diego, CA, October 28, 2008 --( San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has announced this week’s addition to its Knowledge pages for consumers interested in selling or collateralizing their fine jewelry, diamonds, watches, and gold. The article is titled “A Brief History of Pawn Shops,” and it adds to SDJB’s growing list of helpful information, facts, and tips involving jewelry, precious metals, timepieces, and luxury brands.

“While San Diego Jewelry Buyers isn’t a ‘pawn shop’ per se, our business model certainly traces its history to the pawn shop, which is the world’s oldest financial institution,” says co-founder Carl Blackburn. “Sometimes we forget just what a valuable and needed service pawn shops have provided down through the ages, such as when Franciscan monks served as pawn brokers to help the needy or when the Queen of Spain pawned her jewels to finance Christopher Columbus.”

The new article published by San Diego Jewelry Buyers also goes on to discuss other historical aspects, such as where the word “pawn” gets its name; the symbology of pawn shop signs in Europe and Asia; interest rates on loans; and unique aspects of pawn shops in different parts of the world. “This certainly isn’t a comprehensive history of pawn shops,” says Mr. Blackburn. “But I think it does provide readers with a better idea of just what an integral role pawn shops have played in our evolution as a civilization. And which they continue to play, especially during the kind of difficult economic times we are currently experiencing.”

According to Blackburn, businesses like San Diego Jewelry Buyers have evolved from the traditional pawn shop into luxury product specialists who buy such items as fine jewelry, watches, and diamonds, as well as provide loans on these items. In addition, they offer special value added services.

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