Grandmas Rock

Wellington, New Zealand, October 29, 2008 --( Sofia, 87, and Gladys, 93, two great women with strong aspiration for peace and clean environment, have inspired their grand-children to produce an electronica music album - Ancestors' Sins.

“Not only did Sofia and Gladys inspire our album thematically, but they made a strong influence on the album's music direction and unique sound,” says John Buchanan, Gladys's grand-son, the Art Director of Sofia Gladys Projects (

Natasha Blazic, the album's writer and composer, Sofia's grand-daughter, adds: “Our grandmas sang old Balkan and Dutch songs to us when we were children, and those beautiful melodies have shaped and enriched our lives. We named our music label Sofia Gladys, as a legacy to our beloved grandmas.”

Ancestors' Sins uniqueness comes from a skillful combination of different musical styles, and powerfully crafted lyrics, in the line of the Grammy Award winner, Madonna's Ray Of Light. Somewhat surreal atmosphere of the album fits into the context of our immediate reality. Has “a pointless money race made our Earth the saddest place”? How does it feel to witness a massacre of civilians in a war stricken country? Is death an end, or “just a sign of what lies ahead”? Perhaps Ancestors' Sins will not give answers to those questions, but it will definitely make you think about them. You can visit and experience these themes, as well as many others.

Sofia Gladys Projects is a multimedia production company and has released two music albums that have gained significant Internet presence. Currently in production are two singles and a multi-voiced audio-book for children, Lilly-Puss and Pharaoh.

Sofia Gladys Projects
John Buchanan