Willing to Believe: How One Writer Hasn't Given Up

Collinsville, IL, October 29, 2008 --(PR.com)-- With the world seeming to shrink a little more each day, the economy seeming to nose dive, then skyrocket only to plummet again the next, between finding time for family and friends, it becomes easier to surrender our dreams to the throes of the workaday world. Yet, despite this, or perhaps because of this, one new writer, Clinton Foster, managed to write his first book," Willing To Believe".

Reprimanded by one employer at a cleaning company for the misuse of his imagination and talent, insomuch to even ask, "Why are you working here? You should be doing so much more," he found himself chided and encouraged by co-workers the day throughout. Finally, on a dare, he was asked to write a story on one of the most difficult subjects about which to write: love.

"It's very difficult to believe in yourself when you have your face buried behind a toilet seat, cleaning the grime from the floor," Clinton Foster said. "But writing has been a lifelong dream of mine. I just permitted life to sidetrack me for awhile, too long a while, I suppose."

Although written in 2004, it was not until recently that Mr. Foster thought any more upon the subject of writing, until another friend via the web, had made a similar remark to him. After dusting off a draft copy to upload, he was astounded by the positive feedback and the number of potential readers vying for permission to read the "not-so-short" story.

"I was encouraged to submit it for publication," Mr. Foster states, "but found the greatest barrier to my work was not the content, but the size." At just near 36 pages, "Willing To Believe" is a comfortable, literary piece easily read within an hour or two, but much too large to be formatted for the average periodical.

Available through Lulu.com, "Willing To Believe" is a first-person narrative written upon the eve of the death of a young man's wife, taling the necessity and worth of learning to embrace love at all costs.


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Clinton Foster is 39 years old and resides in Collinsville, IL with his wife, Keta, of six years. With seven children between them, finding time to write is not easy, but he vows not to give up his dream again. Currently, he is completing the last two chapters of a novel. Willing To Believe can be found at: http://www.lulu.com/content/4466530

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