The Panama Lawyer Tests Out New Offline & Online Marketing System

Panama Law Firm has made an alliance with a Panama Website Design company that has developed a new Online and Offline Marketing System. The system will be tested thoroughly by the law firm before release to the public in January.

Panama City, Panama, October 29, 2008 --( A licensed law firm in Panama "International Legal Advisors. PA" has secured the first opportunity to test a new marketing system, which is expected to be in great demand. The company responsible for this new marketing systems is "Panama Website Designer" who have been testing various parts of the system and achieving Page one google rankings. The allegiance between the two companies benefits both parties as the Panama law Firm has been looking for a successful marketing system to further expand the sale of their offshore company formation, banking and asset protection services, whereas the Website design company wants to prove how good the system is prior to release to the general public in January 2009.

The Marketing System utilizes a complete range of proven marketing techniques and methods. According to Panama Website Designer it was the combination of some of these techniques that started to produce outstanding results during their testing phases. Although the release of the program details is not available at this time interested parties can pre-register their interest from the Panama Website Designer Website (

The information that has been released to date about the program is that it combines the strengths of internet marketing with offline marketing traditionally used by established "Bricks and mortar" companies. Also the program contains elements of article marketing, video marketing and viral marketing.

The Panama Law Firm is looking forward to expanding their marketing worldwide, and if the results continue to be very good, expect to be the first client officially signed up to the system when it is officially launched. This is part of the law firms new strategy to embrace the very latest technological advances to market their business run it more efficiently and improve the security for their clients. This is a good example of two local companies working together for mutual benefit often referred to as a trade partner relationship.

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