Senior Motivate 4 Success Participates in Alzheimer’s Conference

Senior Motivate 4 Success participated in the Alzheimer’s Research Conference focusing on Risk factors and commonalities with other age related disease Oct 23rd.

Irvine, CA, October 29, 2008 --( Recovery Coaching for Seniors from Motivate 4 Success, the only Senior Coaching program for families and Seniors, participated at the Regional Alzheimer’s Disease Research Conference. The conference is held yearly and is hosted by The Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia at University of California at Irvine, Alzheimer’s Family Services Center and the Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter. Nationally renowned speakers provided cutting-edge information about Alzheimer's disease and related dementias to Family Caregivers, professionals, and the community. This conference allowed the Recovery Coaches of Senior Motivate 4 Success to bring to the forefront the emotional and behavioral challenges and positive solution available to caregivers and professionals dealing with age related dementias.

Much of the Coach’s time was used discussing case by case scenarios that are effecting individuals who are learning how best to handle their unique situations. “We were able to suggest simple tools that we use to increase the value of time for individuals”, said Coach Chez. “Coaching focuses on being in the moment, taking advantage of time. Even with later stage Dementias, families can still enjoy one another, be of service to each other by finding interactive moments.”

Professionals were fascinated by the use of various techniques such as the Sedona Method, Choice Theory, and discovery that Senior Coaching uses to draw in the client, and open them to the possibility of a better way of living. With many computer programs about for engaging the Senior, most professionals smiled understanding the value in Coach Scott McCall’s favorite exercise, playing Black Jack. Using oversized playing cards, the individual is making decisions, recognizing shapes and colors, practicing simple math, and overall stimulating the brain with a simple game that does not feel childish. They change the rules of the game to fit the client’s ability. That is where the real secret lies. Computer games don’t really let you change the rules.

Senior Coaching actively watches for change. Disease of the brain does not have sudden change, but slow progressive change. Often times, a sudden change is overlooked by family and physicians. Senior Recovery Coaching specializes in daily contact, tracking the client’s daily progress. Sudden change is a signal for the Coaches that something else is going on and needs to be addressed. Dr. Laura Mosqueda, M.D., Director of Geriatrics at UC Irvine reiterated that same statement in her presentation. As she stated, “A sudden change in behavior is a Medical problem until proven otherwise!”

This was a wonderful conference that Senior Motivate 4 Success was honored to exhibit and participate with. For more information about Senior Recovery Coaching, take a moment and look at the website, senior motivate 4

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