MixMyMusic.net Announces New Online Music Mixing Service for Musicians, Bands, and Artists

MixMyMusic.net and Recording Engineer Christian Cummings announce a new, online mixing service for musicians and bands world-wide. Artists can now have a professional tailor their mix to professional standards regardless of where they’re located.

San Diego, CA, October 29, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Music mixing engineer Christian Cummings has devised a new method, standard and process for mixing records remotely. As technology advances, so do the options in which musical artists can collaborate with other professionals.

Traditionally, unless an artist is willing to travel at the conclusion of a recording project, they are limited to mixing with whomever is available locally. Now, with the introduction of their secure web based transfer system, artists can stay involved and listen to the progress of their mixes on a daily basis.

In addition to standardizing a communication protocol, they’ve also developed a “Tier” based system to provide their music mixing services to artists in virtually any budget range. Whether the artist is a major label client with a large budget or an independent musician that is pinching their pennies, they’re able to provide the perfect mixing situation.

“Although we’re located in the UK, Christian Cummings and crew were able to mix our project to perfection. We had very high hopes for such a small budget, but the finished mixes were better than we could’ve ever expected.” - Guitarist Ryan Mora

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