New Technology Saves Republican House Seat. SolusIP's New Software Could Change the Outcome of This Election.

Company releases new software that is able to make a personal, interactive phone call to every home in America in one day. Technology leapfrogs Robocalling in capacity and effectiveness. Dramatic results when tested 3 times on State and National political campaigns. Testing in small and home based business applications greatly increases customer base and profitability.

Atlanta, GA, October 30, 2008 --( “Robocall” Entrepreneur Slams Obama Bid to Stop Calls.

Patented Technology Enables National Grass Roots Support Network to Call Every Phone in USA in One Day.

Responding to Democrat Barack Obama’s call to end “robocalls,” the Atlanta creator of a technology which enables a campaign’s volunteers to create and place calls defended the innovative technology as a “last chance for free speech.”

“Robocalls are the lifeline of the campaign that lacks big money,” said Klane Anderson, president of SolusIP and creator of a patented technology allowing campaigns to use supporters’ PC computers to make calls reaching thousands or even millions of voters.

Anderson noted “Obama’s $1-billion election campaign has bought nearly every last second of television advertising, with money left over to buy 30-minute blocks of prime time television. But the one thing Mr. Obama can’t buy is your home phone line.” Robocalls are made by all political parties in the United States, as well as unaffiliated campaigns, Unions, and individual citizens.

“The last chance for free speech in today’s hyper-expensive presidential election is the ability to phone a voter and get the word out. My invention is robocalling 2.0, it makes the call personal,” said Anderson. “It’s the only bandwidth we have left to discuss election issues, as Obama’s bought up everything else. He knows this could be his Achilles heel.”

Anderson’s patented technology has the ability to place a call and deliver a live message to every phone in America in less than a day. Using a system known as “distributed computing” the unique technology allows a campaign to harness the power of supporters’ PCs to deliver a final message to voters and respond to last minute attacks.

Anderson developed a number of patents and innovative uses of technology in the computer, communications, and nuclear robotics industries. His company, SolusIP is working with a number of candidates to deliver critical messages in the closing days of the campaign. The technology has been tested and proven in saving an incumbent Congressman way down in the polls, defeating the most powerful State House Speaker in the US, and driving huge numbers of volunteers and donors to a Presidential primary candidate.

Klane Anderson

Solus IP, Inc.
Klane Anderson