PM Moon Publishers Releases Savannah's Castle

Savannah's Castle by Martha Hite released in time for the Holidays.

Cleveland, OH, October 30, 2008 --( PM Moon Publishers is pleased to announce the release of Savannah's Castle written by Martha Hite, and illustrated by Renee McCary.

The first in a delightful new children series, Savannah' Castle is the third offering by PM Moon Publishers within the last 12 months.

Savannah's Castle the first book by author Martha Hite, evolved from a crystal castle designed by award winning artist Rudy Nakai, founder of Crystal World. According to Mrs. Hite, the crystal castle, a gift from her husband, Walter, was somehow mysteriously broken. "Walter purchased it from Crystal World," said Mrs. Hite, "And I loved that piece so much that I cried when I saw it just laying there."

"No one would even admit that they broke it," Martha continued, "but the more I looked at the fragile pieces, the more a story began to develop in my mind. I had already decided to write something for my niece, Savannah's fifth birthday. I wanted her to have a memory she could treasure. I think she was a little young at the time to truly appreciate having herself be a character in a book, but now three years later, she's excited."

Written for children in kindergarten through third grade, 'Savannah's Castle' tells the story of a courageous little girl and her moral choice.

Set in the modern world, this children’s fantasy is a new look at an old problem.

Savannah's Castle is on sale at Publisher's Graphics Bookstore.

Contact them at 888-404-3769. Teacher discounts available. Wholesale discounts available.

To arrange a book signing please contact the publisher.

Martha Hite, the author of Savannah's Castle, lives in the mountains of Western Maryland with her husband, Walter and their son Sean. She is a voracious reader and an equally prolific writer. She has finished three novels and several short stories, in addition to Savannah's Castle.

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