New ZenBet Sportsbook Offers Sports Betting Tao

ZenBet the newest reduced juice sportsbook connects with its players in a different way using Zen philosophy thus creating a deeper connection with its players.

Atlanta, GA, October 30, 2008 --( When sports betting became an online option almost two decades ago, people thought that it was just a trend or a nice addition to traditional bet taking methods. Now, online sports betting is the fastest growing industry in the online market with a steady growth of 4.9 percent a year and generated over $40 billion in revenue last year leaving plenty of hope for any new online sportsbooks.

In response to this growing industry, Canix SRL has launched ZenBet sportsbook, a sportsbook that offers customer the choice of a High Bonus style account or a Reduced Juice (Discount pricing) Professional account. Lead by a top management team with over 50 years of combined sports betting experience, this new sportsbook offers its players Reduced juice betting with a twist by using Zen philosophy as its theme.

They are hundreds of sportsbooks to choose from out there but none of them have ever tried to connect with their clients on a deeper level than just a bookie to player relationship. ZenBet is a sportsbook created to give a deeper connection between bookie and players by giving its players an overall guideline or philosophy about the thrill of sports betting.

“The Online sportsbook industry today is not what it was 15 years ago.” Said Samuel Cazador, the CEO of “Today, bettors are more informed about which sportsbook to trust and what games to bet on which makes it a challenge for every new sportsbook to acquire new customers. A new sportsbook today has to be able to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition while still be able to maintain competitive betting lines, fast payouts and top notch customer service. ZenBet will offer all of this along with opinionated lines. That is the ZenBet philosophy.”

According to Samuel Cazador, “Today´s bettors demand more from a sportsbook than just regular betting lines, fast payouts, and good customer service.” Thus, players want a sportsbook that will give them more options and a sense of belonging in an exclusive community.

It is based on this philosophy, that ZenBet is offering its players the choice to choose their own “betting path” by offering them the choice between a “Traditional Betting Account” where the player gets a 20% Cash bonus when they sign up and a “Professional Betting Account” where the player has access to ZenBet´s reduced juice betting lines and a 10% sign up cash bonus.

Each and every one of us takes a gamble every day on something. It may be gambling on whether or not this brand of coffee is better than another or taking a chance that traffic won´t be bad at a certain hour of the day. Gambling is part of our everyday life and this is what ZenBet is about, bringing people Betting Peace of Mind with quality betting service and a Sports Betting Tao.


ZenBet is one of the fastest growing sports betting companies in the world that offers reduced juice sports betting on all major sporting events as well as free sports betting content. Operated by Canix SRL, ZenBet is licensed in Central America with offices around the world and backed by over 50 years of experience in the online gambling industry. Visit or e-mail us at for more information.

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Bryan Syzlak