Launches Exclusive Music Promotion Service

New York, NY, October 30, 2008 --( launches exclusive music promotion service to officially break records and send music to over 426,000 music industry contacts -- allowing the latest releases to be distributed throughout the music industry in a matter of minutes. has over 55,000 DJ contacts worldwide in addition to music directors, program directors, music magazines, music websites, music blogs, record pools, PR firms, booking agents, and record label executives.

Utilizing MP3Waxx, major artists can surface a new single. Independent artists can acquire the attention of the record industry power players and media outlets. Through correspondence with any of the various industry contacts, artists can attract magazine interviews, build buzz, or even acquire airtime on various radio outlets (ie. satellite radio, internet radio, traditional broadcast radio, etc). Important grassroots elements such as blog site recognition, music website editorials, mixshow slots, and mixtape placement are also associated with MP3Waxx surfacing. digitally delivers the latest records to music industry professionals from every part of the globe. Records serviced by MP3Waxx reach numerous domestic and international markets; New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Texas, London, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, Moscow, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, and many others. The network reaches industry professionals worldwide.

Clients can exclusively network directly with MP3Waxx's contacts about their project. breaks new records and new careers.

Chris Robinson
Phone: 1.888.950.5556

Chris Robinson