Client Back Office Improved at USA SEO Pros for Greater Communication

More communication between USASEOPros and clients gives clients easier accessibility.

Las Vegas, NV, October 30, 2008 --( The client back office that Nevada search engine optimization specialists USA SEO Pros provides to their clients was made to show the weekly ranks from the time that they are completed onwards. Over time suggestions were given and questions were asked about how it works and what would be better for the clients in overall user friendliness. These suggestions and such were given to the USASEOPros development team to improve what the client back office is now.

One of USA SEO Pros' long standing developers was quoted saying “There were a lot of requests, some of them being duplicates of others which helped us sort by priority to finish. One of the issues that we’re covering is making the client back office to become object oriented instead of procedural. This will help us smooth out the processes that the system has to go through. The main purpose of this was so that we could track it more effectively for each client and keep statistics.”

The interface with the client back office has changed in appearance and for those already used to the older system and lacking a proficient computer literacy; it has been considered to place in a bit more user friendly areas. For the most part the main changes that took place were strictly informational on the backend of things to help keep the client in the know even more so with their progress.

USA SEO Pros has always stressed on making the client back office user friendly to help place a curve since not every computer user has been using it for years as the IT Department has. Through time, the client back office has made leaps and bounds with the new innovations from new developers entering into USASEOPros.

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Steve Howe