USA SEO Pros Admin Back Office Improved for Streamlined Operations

The USASEOPros Development team makes changes to admin back office for easier work.

Las Vegas, NV, October 30, 2008 --( To help increase the overall productivity of the Sales, Customer Service and the IT Departments, the development team has produced a great amount of safety measures and other ascetic changes to help the work flow become more streamlined. The admin back office is made use of by every employee of USA SEO Pros and aids with the overall information sharing effort.

“The admin back end was improved by using object oriented programming. So now there are client objects and employee objects that both that an abstract parent of user object, meaning that both clients and employees are users of the admin back office. The admin back office also makes use of jQuery and makes sure that the overall validation of forms takes place and that no duplicate information is placed.” Quoted from one of the developers on the USA SEO Pros team.

These improvements to the admin back office are meant to speed up the process of the work done. Ascetic changes such as the overall cascading style sheet (CSS) being changed to be more appealing to the eye was made as well. Font, line heights, colors, to help the user identify more with the important areas.

Other areas were improved giving users of the admin back office a set of privileges. Since not every employee has been working as long as the administration has in USA SEO Pros. Giving special privileges to those that can handle the responsibility, it provides security throughout the company. Security needed around the keywords, client information, and the overall notes taken on each individual client has been strengthened and is only changeable by the development team through request and approval.

USA SEO Pros is always improving the admin back office so that work can be completed and that documentation is taken on all the steps towards a successful SEO.

Steve Howe

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Steve Howe