Outskirts Press Releases New Book, "A Walk Through The Pauline Epistles: Christianity 101 For The 21st Century Believer," by Wesley Clark

Orlando, FL, August 05, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Christians and non-Christians alike often quote Biblical Scripture to suit a particular agenda, but very few are actually familiar with the contents of the Bible. A Walk Through the Pauline Epistles provides a key to understanding the most foundational knowledge revealed in Scripture so that the reader can come away with the same understanding known to early believers — without all the trappings of organized religion.

Give me understanding to learn Your commands.
Psalm 119:73

Everyone talks about the Bible, but very few people — including a good number of Christians — are familiar with its contents. Many use it as a means to carry out a particular agenda, or to beat people over the head and grind their own political or religious axe, without ever having a clear understanding of what is actually in the Bible. Now the reader can relax. There will be no beatings, no humiliation, and no self-righteous judgment inflicted between these covers. This book examines the most fundamental knowledge revealed by God in Scripture, a “Christianity 101” course, without bogging down the reader with the dogmas of organized religion.

Author Wesley Clark takes a serious, straightforward approach to the Bible and defines the basic doctrines of Christianity in an accessible and easy-to-understand format geared toward Christians and non-Christians alike. In so doing, Clark hopes the reader will come away empowered by the same knowledge known to the believers of the first century.

A Walk Through the Pauline Epistles is a down-to-earth survey of Christianity that takes us back to its early roots so we can understand and appreciate the Bible’s relevance today — this is the knowledge that has always been available to you, but you probably did not hear in Sunday School!

Wesley Clark is the author of Through the Valley of Deception, a groundbreaking work that looks at the UFO and alien abduction phenomena through a uniquely Biblical perspective.

Book Statistics:
ISBN 1598003739
Pages: 292
Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback
Price: $19.95 (US); $24.95 (Canada)

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Wesley M. Clark
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(321) 268-4949

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