Author of “I’m Just a Survivor” My life Before And After My Tour of Vietnam, Has his First Children’s book Published

Ritchie Wilson a Disabled Vietnam Veteran “was inspired” to write a children’s book by his younger son Kinji, while working on his manuscript about the death on his 25-day-old daughter.

Phoenix, AZ, May 29, 2006 --( The book is about a real boy named Kinji, and his desire to go too school has been over whelming to say the least. He wanted go to school since he was 3 years old. Nevertheless, he had to wait for what seemed like a very long time. Now he is five and the day has come for him to go to kindergarten, and he gets to go to school with his three older brothers... “This book was inspired by my son Kinji,” When I was working on a book about our daughter “Kawaii, which has passed away after 25 days of life.... Which also happens to be the book title, Kinji was very close to her because he was her older brother...

Ritchie Wilson 55, was born in Chicago and grew up there. He joined the Marines in 1967 to go to Vietnam. After being wounded in combat, he retuned to civilian life in 1970, Retuned to school, and has work in many different careers over the years. “But, after becoming total and permanently disabled in 2002. Started writing “I'm just A Survivor, My life before and after Vietnam” his first book. 

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