Illuminate, Inc.
Illuminate, Inc.

Illuminate Presents Its Teams of Professionals to Potential Clients and Public

Illuminate will unveil its teams of professionals through a marketing strategy that will provide potential clients a better understanding of who they are.

Boston, MA, October 30, 2008 --( Headed by the president of the company, Shaun McMahon, Illuminate, a Boston-based client-focused, full-service training and development agency that specializes in delivering high caliber pharmaceutical and biotech sales training solutions will present its team of professionals through a marketing piece that will provide potential clients a better understanding of who they are.

The marketing strategy brought photographer Brian Smith to Illuminate’s offices to conduct a photo shoot, guiding the team through the process to reflect the image of the team that continually develops leading edge pharmaceutical and biotech sales training solutions such as Courageous Selling®, LMS-lite™, and innovative clinical/launch training initiatives.

Mr. McMahon expressed “one of the company’s core values is the importance of our clients, the service we provide, and the relevance we constantly affirm toward to develop a relationship that goes beyond the business to become part of their team. This is why we decided to present the team in such a manner to potential clients, specifically with a picture that reflects the individuals they are dealing with.”

The marketing piece, to be mailed in the next weeks, will provide information of Illuminate’s capabilities, and, portfolio of products addressing the unique needs of today’s pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical devices sales training departments. Core products include:

LMS-lite®, co-developed with CSoftUSA, offers a user-friendly learning management system featuring unrivaled flexibility and functionality.

Clinical/launch training solutions focusing on the information and strategies pharmaceutical sales representatives need to effectively incorporate marketing and clinical resources and core messaging into every step of the call process.

Courageous Selling™, a transformational selling skills workshop that takes sales representatives from mediocrity to maximum sales velocity by instilling the courage needed to broach real issues and forge real business relationships.

The team represented by the president of the company, Shaun McMahon as well as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Steve Piestch, Juan Carlos Pinedo, Luca Caira, President of CSoftUSA, Laura Vogt, Beatrice Schembri, and Linda McMahon. Mr. McMahon pointed out, “in addition to the Illuminate team, we work with a dedicated network of high-profile freelance writers, designers, medical illustrators, and editors that make things perfectly clear to our clients.”

Illuminate, Inc. ( has been providing innovative pharmaceutical sales training solutions since 2004. Based in Boston, Illuminate offers an unrivaled level of client service and an unparalleled commitment to sales force success. Illuminate is dedicated to maximizing pharmaceutical and biotech sales performance through text-based, workshop, elearning and blended learning programs that make things perfectly clear.

Illuminate, Inc.
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