Finally, a Way to Ease Traffic Frustration with Humor

Movealongs are a new product that provides a humorous way to remind drivers of the speed limit and courteous driving habits.

Loveland, CO, October 31, 2008 --( NoCol Tech, a consumer goods manufacturer producing innovative, novelty products, wants to improve traffic flow with humor. NoColTech’s Movealong products do just that.

Inattentive drivers and sporadic signage result in varying traffic speeds. This can cost drivers time and gasoline by missing lights that are optimally timed based on the speed limit. Common knowledge tells us cruise control optimizes traffic flow thus wasting less fuel and creating less air pollution.

Many states have signage that states “Slower Traffic Keep Right,” and “Keep Right to Except to Pass.” Furthermore, traffic flows better when lane usage is well understood and practiced as it is on highways like Germany’s Autobahn. Autobahn etiquette and law requires traffic move to the right in order to allow the fastest vehicles to use the left lanes.

As driver’s mature, they tend to develop habits that stray from their driver’s education rules. Some drivers go years or even decades without a refresh of their driving knowledge and skills. Signage is limited in area coverage and effectiveness as most signs are static and can easily be missed by a driver in a vehicle traveling at speed. When driving the same routes routinely, drivers often become unaware of signage they see on a daily basis. Other bad habits include ignorance of using lane position based on traffic speed.

To solve this problem, NoCol Tech has created a durable sign based in the form of a hang tag. “Movealongs are humorous, moving reminders of the local traffic signage,” said Scott Deuty, President of NoCol Tech, “they gain a smile whether traffic is flowing or the vehicle is parked.”

“As traffic increases and technology fails to keep pace, any help in assisting traffic flow will save time, fuel, and the atmosphere by reducing carbon emissions,” Deuty explains, “besides, we could all use a bit more humor, even in the dreaded daily experience of traffic.”

Movealongs not only send a message to other drivers, they can improve your own driving habits.

“Several times these products have saved me a traffic ticket,” quips Deuty. “Updating my displayed Movealong keeps me aware of the speed limit.”

Movealongs feature both regular and mirror image text so that they can be easily read from a rear view mirror. With slim economic times imminent during this holidy season, Movealongs are a bargain opportunity as a humorous, stocking stuffer. Movealongs are available in a package of ten signs each with a unique saying or as individual signs.

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