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Atlanta, GA, October 31, 2008 --( DecipherTech, Inc., an expert in Business Intelligence (BI), has launched a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that will allow small to medium sized businesses gain unparalleled insight into their CRM activities; the life blood of their rapidly growing enterprises. Decipher CRM(™) is an online analytics tool designed to condense data from a multitude of structured systems (SFA, CRM, ERP…) and non-structured data sources (spreadsheets, etc.) into manageable, insightful and actionable information.

In order to help businesses with the first step in evaluating their CRM capabilities and needs, we have assembled world class research, white papers and web articles in the Resources area of our web site.

Decipher CRM includes a suite of 3 BI applications: Sales Analytics, Order Fulfillment and Profitability Analysis. All modules can be fully integrated with reporting from our client’s existing CRM and ERP applications (e.g., MS Dynamics, Sage CRM and SalesLogix) as well as various legacy systems. Any reporting limitations with existing client systems can be quickly overcome. The final results are displayed on a single dashboard with transaction level data available via drill-down.

Sales Analytics – The primary focus of this module is for monitoring the performance of the sales organization. Decipher Sales Analytics allows management to identify top producers and best practices so that rewards and incentives can be optimized, and the most effective sales training and support procedures implemented across the enterprise.

Order Fulfillment – Decipher Order Fulfillment facilitates an increase in customer retention by identifying key support issues. This module also highlights opportunities for repeat business and up-selling, by identifying purchase patterns. Integration with Decipher Sales Analytics provides the key data necessary for the Sales and various Sales support groups to work as one team in order to create a cohesive, responsive and dependable interface between a company and its customers.

Profitability Analysis –Integrated with the Sales Analytics and Order Tracking modules, Decipher Profitability Analysis allows a company to place the needs of its most profitable customers at the top of its daily priority list, while at the same time allowing the company to develop a better long term strategy for acquiring and retaining more of these high value customers.

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DecipherTech's BI Software as a Service (SaaS) is deployed within days or weeks (instead of months) and provides a faster ROI compared to traditional on-premise software implementations.

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