Self Published Book Challenges the General Public on the Media’s Discreet Advocacy of Homosexuality

A Hint of Homosexuality? is a self-published book by Bruce Joffe that points out the suggestiveness of gay propaganda in several controversial print ads.

Philadelphia, PA, October 31, 2008 --( A communications professor with an expertise on public relations and the media, Bruce Joffe authored and downplayed his recent explorations between the sexual agenda and the media in his Xlibris published book, A Hint of Homosexuality?: ‘Gay’ and Homoerotic Imagery In American Print Advertising.

He pointed out more than 200 print ads of major retailers and managed to convince his readers that each of these ads happens to have at least the slightest insinuation of homosexuality present.

Saying “Sex Sells” could be an aberration when Joffe hits back with a “which sex?” Although he is a renowned expert in the field seeing that he makes up the entire creative team behind multinational corporations’ promotional campaigns, Bruce Joffe conciliates by making his self-published book more comprehensible to readers who are not as sophisticated as he.

Joffe has managed to take his readers back to old style print ads dating back from 1905 without even moving any step backward. Readers may be scandalized by revelations, which they may have not known were present until Joffe exposed them with a Freudian candor that seems to validate every claim he makes.

Readers of A Hint of Homosexuality? who balk at the malfeasance of the media are encouraged to be open-minded about homosexuals being part of a commercial society and be educated that their contribution also reaps the best results.

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