American Deer & Wildlife Alliance Emphasizes Education

Austin, TX, November 01, 2008 --( Education is pertinent when aging whitetail deer, and locating knowledge in this field is often easier said than done. The American Deer & Wildlife Alliance (ADWA) is partnering with Henry Chidgey of Wildlife Analytical Laboratories, co-founder of the popular Prepaid Forensic Lab Test & Deer Aging Kit, to head future ADWA seminars to share his latest findings in aging deer or other mammals.

Chidgey, having spent much of his life in the pursuit of knowledge about wildlife management & stewardship techniques, created Wildlife Analytical Laboratories with the belief that with accurate and timely feedback of age, hunters and ranchers can maximize their trophy potential.

“As a wildlife steward and avid bowhunter, it’s important not to harvest your bucks until they have fulfilled their genetic potential around 5 ½ to 6 ½ years old,” says Chidgey. “ADWA gives me a great opportunity to introduce pieces of knowledge I’ve gathered throughout the years, and their focus on education is appreciated.”

“After reading Henry’s latest article, it is evident education must be a process—there is always new information gathered regarding accurate deer aging. Introducing sportsmen to the cementum annuli method of aging mammals is a part of the education process,” says ADWA director of operations Annie Jones. “Forensics can play a major factor in maximizing the potential of your deer herd.”

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American Deer & Wildlife Alliance
Annie Jones, Director of Operations