Perle Systems Latest IOLAN Software Includes Digital I/O Extension

I/O Tunneling for transmitting digital input signals to a remote output over an IP/Ethernet network.

Nashville, TN, October 27, 2008 --( Perle Systems, the global developer and manufacturer of serial to Ethernet connectivity solutions announced today the release of the Digital I/O Extension feature for IOLAN Ethernet I/O Device Servers. IOLAN users can download the new firmware version 3.6 directly from the Perle website.

The IOLAN’s Digital I/O extension feature, sometimes referred to as I/O tunnelling provides a cable replacement solution by transmitting input signals to remote outputs over an Ethernet or IP network. Remote sensors can be connected to PLC controllers, DCS systems, or display devices over a network using an IP Ethernet network infrastructure.

“The addition of the Digital I/O Extension feature to IOLAN I/O Device Servers will extend various modes of operations in transmitting digital input signals to a remote output”, says Julie McDaniel, VP Marketing at Perle Systems. She also add, “These modes include: I/O Mirroring, RS232 control signals, Multipoint Operation, Automatic Backup, and Secure Digital SSL for passing along digital state changes across an unsecured network.”

Perle’s Ethernet I/O technology (IOLAN DS I/O Device Servers) enables comprehensive access and control of remote digital I/O, analog I/O, pulse I/O, relays and temperature sensors as well as connections of remote serial equipment on any IP network.

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