"The Support Group," a New Novel by Robert Butler Has Just Been Released

What do women do when the criminal justice system fails them after they are raped? Four women decide to be creative and handle the problem themselves. Soon, the incidence of rape in Memphis starts to drop. Why would a cop want to stop them?

Memphis, TN, November 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- After becoming friends after meeting at a group counseling session for victims of rape, four women join together to do something about un-punished rapists in the city of Memphis. Though their cases were different, the effect on each of them was the same: fear, anger, distrust, and determination.

Soon, the crime rate, not just the rape crime rate, begins to fall in Memphis, prompting the detectives assigned to the unusual case to wonder why they should even stop those responsible. Only rapists who walk out of court free men are targeted. Still, it is their job.

This novel by a new writer, Robert Butler, "The Support Group" is not for children or those who are squeamish. The language is often blunt, but there is no other way to treat a subject that no one wants to discuss. R.G.Butler Publishing chose this sensitively written novel because it's not only a good read, but it can shine a light on a crime that is too often ignored. As a new publishing entity, "it is a risk that is worth taking."

The E-Book is available for download from www.lulu.com.

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Robert Butler