China Guitar Maker Myaxe Improves on Tone

Myaxe guitars are now fitted with the advance tone-generating system that improves a lot how the guitars deliver sustain.

Weifang, China, November 04, 2008 --( Myaxe Musical Instruments Ltd., a China-based new entry level to the world of guitars, has incorporated new designs and electronic wiring system to its Riffmaster and Shredder models.

David Liu, Myaxe main man, said the use of the new wiring system has significantly improved the tone of their guitars.

Liu said Myaxe has provided sound files for those who want to hear how Myaxe guitars sounds first.

"People are always skeptical specially with virtually unknown brands like ours," he said.

Liu said the new wiring system, which incorporates Myaxe's capacitor tone boosters, have captured the sound of vintage Les Paul guitars and have also improved sustain.

"One does not need Fernandez sustainers to achieve the length of time their sustain behaves," he said.

Liu said Myaxe calls this the "advance tone-generation system," which was a product of the company's continuing innovation.

Liu also said that Myaxe has shipped its 200th guitar and that it was continuing to receive inquiries and orders.

"We already said that we are not taking on the big brands but we want that Myaxe will become a name to reckon with," he said.

Myaxe Musical Instruments Ltd
Allan Nawal