Colmek Introduces the 8225 Analog to Digital Converter Available with Vista Drivers

Colmek launches the release of their low noise, wide gain range analog to digital converter for data acquisition applications.

Salt Lake City, UT, November 05, 2008 --( Colmek Systems Engineering has released a wide gain range, highly programmable analog to digital converter with extremely low noise. The top of the line 8225 converter is now available with Vista drivers and has already been released for Windows XP, 2000 and Linux operating systems.

The 8225 provides data acquisition for applications like: vibration measurement, analysis and sonar processing. It will let you synchronize multiple boards (4 maximum) allowing for 32 channels at a 128 K sampling rate. Its pin-point accuracy puts out a precise data stream accurate to better than 1/2% or 0.05dB. With anti-aliasing filters, FIR decimation and high pass filters, you are able to focus on exactly the kind of data you want to read.

The easy-to-use application programming interface makes it simple to read data and configure the card settings. Its most useable environments would typically be in military settings, laboratories, and in applications of oceanography.

Scientists, technicians, engineers and testing facilities will find the wide gain range accompanied with the low noise a very useful tool to have. Whether you are collecting hydrophone data or testing bearings in a laboratory, our analog to digital converter is the perfect solution for those who need high precision and configurability with minimal noise disturbances in order to get that exact read.

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Jim Decker